Beoprint 1900

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

The Beoprint was designed for the course “To Make is to Grasp”, in which different visualization and prototyping techniques were explored. After going through a process experimenting with different methods and processes, the final assignment was to design a printer in one of Industrial Design’s most distinctive styles: the style of Bang & Olufsen’s Jacob Jensen.

Modeled after the iconic Beomaster 1900, the use of materials and proportions play a crucial role in the design of the Beoprint. Taking cues from the recognizable sleek form factors of the classic B&O audio interfaces, extensive proportion studies were done before constructing the final 1:1 model of the design.

To learn more about the design and building process, as well as other content made for this course, please view the annotated portfolio by clicking here.

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Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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