Exploring Uncharted Design Space


Me, Myself & AI

AI is a technology that is already present in a lot of our everyday experiences. However, we are often not aware of what it is they do, why they do it or that they’re even present. Me, Myself & AI explores how we might live with AI in the future everyday, and how we might design for a better understanding between man and machine.

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Somoii is an Internet of Things watering pot. Its design is the result of an attempt to develop a new approach for designing IoT products, where the starting point is not technology but a meaningful understanding of the practices and rituals that an object is part of.

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Leth is a wearable on which digital files can be placed - but the act of doing so renders the file inaccessible. This project questions the meaning of physical artefacts in time wher digital memories can be accessed edited and copied at will.

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What if we had to train our own intelligent products? Today’s smart products rarely implement true AI technologies such as machine learning, and when they do the systems are already “trained” by the manufacturer. Chip is a speculative UI that helps users to teach their own smart products how to behave.

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The Altar of the Algorithm

The Altar of the Algorithm is a critical inquiry into the ideology and authority that modern society embeds in computational sytems, and the role that design plays in our understanding of these.

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Creative Coding

Here you can find some of my creative coding experiments, built with processing, p5.js and python.

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