Design Project


The intangible. That is what makes an object truly valuable and deeply personal. Holding and touching something that is submerged in stories, but being unable to separate those from the object, is what allows an object to become a physical extension of someone’s identity.

The digital age has fundamentally changed this phenomenon. There are no ultimatums anymore: the stories that we value are represented by digital files that can be accessed, edited and copied at will. Technology has minimized the substance of tangible objects. Digital devices are diminished to tools for accessing these stories, rather than objects that become a part of them.

But what if we opposed this, and try to rebuild the relation between the object and story it tells? That is what Leth is: a wearable that absorbs meaningful files and never lets them go, becoming a digital device that is deeply connected with the identity of its owner.

Leth was a finalist in the 2016 Next Jeneration design competition and has been on display in Museo del Gioiello in Vicenza, Italy

Leth comes with a journal and an engraving tool.

When connected to a computer files can be dropped in Leth's graphical user interface (GUI). When a file is dropped it is rendered inacessible, but it will leave a dot in the GUI, allowing users to build constellations of memories.

Inside Leth is 8GB of flash memory. The prototype was constructed using 3D printing.

Users can choose to scratch markings into Leth, creating physical traces of the digital memories.

In the journal the files and the memories they represent can be documented.